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What Types of Businesses Stand to Benefit From a Hybrid Workplace?

Ryan worries that people who identify as female, BIPOC, disabled, and/or neurodivergent will be the most likely to lose out on opportunities for development, sponsorship, and promotions at organizations that don’t invest in making hybrid or remote-first work successful for their employees.

  • Office architects and designers
  • Technology companies
  • Home improvement companies and contractors
  • Real estate agents
  • Office furniture suppliers

What Types of Businesses May Suffer From a Permanent Shift to Hybrid Work?
Blue-collar workers may be particularly affected because of the impact of hybrid work on businesses like these:

  • Office cleaning and maintenance services
  • Corporate food services
  • Downtown businesses
  • Public transit

How Could a Hybrid Workplace Affect Employee Well-Being and Job Satisfaction?
A hybrid office may have a positive effect on employees’ sense of well-being and job satisfaction by giving them greater flexibility to work in whatever environment helps them excel. That might mean coming into the office to collaborate with colleagues on a new project one day, then working from home the rest of the week.

It could also mean reserving a desk at the office to get away from home life distractions most days, or when there’s an important video meeting that will be more effective using the company’s conference room technology.

A hybrid office could provide economic benefits from greater efficiency, productivity, and mental health, as well as reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism, stress-related illness, burnout, and employee turnover.

The Bottom Line
Companies may attempt to commit to a certain model—be it all office, all remote, or hybrid—but find themselves adjusting as they learn more about what works and what doesn’t. It’s too soon to tell whether hybrid work will be a fleeting idea or become the new normal, as companies and employees still trying to discover the best ways of working during the pandemic. We may all have to adapt and become more comfortable with uncertainty as these experiments play out.